Digital Foundations

We can take care of all your organisation's essential IT needs, the foundations that keep your business secure and operating at maximum capability. With over 50 years' experience in the field our expert team can be relied upon to help you find the right solution to support your business, maximising your investment in mission critical systems.

What We Do

CoSector believes in the Cloud as the foundation of computing in the future. CoSector is well equipped to help customers navigate the opportunities, and challenges, of cloud-based computing.

CoSector is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and this, combined with its wealth of experience in remote, flexible, consumption-driven computing since 1968, can advise, design, implement and support any cloud service needed.


  • Managed Network Services: Whether you need us to provide you with circuits or not, we offer full network management, including internet connectivity, wireless connectivity and student wide area network (SWAN).
  • Network and Intrusion Protection: This non-intrusive service will detect, display and alert malicious behaviour instantly. It will:
  • Automatically detects worms
  • Summarise traffic profiles using our intuitive graphics console
  • Monitors network traffic in real-time
  • Be supported by the industry's leading IP network detection tools and visualisation software
  • JANET: 

    We offer Business Community Engagement using JANET Joint Academic Network (formerly known as sponsored connections). We provide a variety of methods for connectivity and will recommend the best service suited to you and your business.

    We have a long history of managing network links and can provide a large range of circuits. Our own pipe into JANET is large and we are a JANET Point of Presence.


We can provide support services such as:

  • Managed Desktop Support: Our team can provide On-site or remote desktop support.  This includes a dedicated Service Desk located in our central London office. Our team provides desktop support for hardware, operating systems, and software such as MS Office, user administration tasks, Skype for Business, and a range of third party products. We can provide dedicated on-site staff or weekly and monthly technical clinics where we can assist your own staff with any technical issues. All support activities are recorded using our Service Desk time tracking software, which allows us to provide real-time reporting on the amount of support we provide. Our customer portal allows you to track the progress of calls logged so you have full visibility of any ticket raised from reporting to resolution. 
  • Out Of Hours and Disaster Recovery: Our Disaster Recovery (DR) Service offers our customers peace of mind that in the event of a major disaster their service can be recovered quickly and efficiently without the loss of data.  Our DR services are offered from our second Data Centre in Maidstone over 40km away from our primary site. The out-of-hours service delivered by CoSector is designed to offer customers complete peace of mind outside of business hours. We use a number of products to monitor services which allow us to know of any issues before, or the moment they occur. With this service in place, we are able to diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently

We also offer Managed Hosting and Co-location hosting services. 

Managed Hosting Services: 

The host environment and customer guest virtual machines are monitored 24/7 by our systems. Our services include the capital cost of server and OS license.

We offer:

  • Management and installation of Windows or Linux operating systems and supporting software
  • Management of the testing and deployment of security patches, service packs, upgrades and revisions
  • Monitoring of system log files, SNMP data & other metrics to assess server performance, resource & usage
  • Hardware and other devices monitored to help diagnose and resolve potential issues
  • Management of your entire machine up to the application level. We host all of the operating systems, the web services (Apache or IIS) and the database

Co-Location Hosting Services:

Co-location hosting is a popular solution for our customers wishing to manage their own services while utilising our highly resilient and secure hosting environment.

  • Affordable access to rack space in our data centre
  • Over 13 years of expertise in the field
  • Fully resilient fire, flood and power protection
  • Provides 99.9% server availability
  • Tier-3 equivalent Data Centre


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