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CoSector announces new partnership with Blackboard

Written by Clare Mcsheaffrey |

We are delighted to announce that we have recently formed a new partnership with Blackboard to introduce Blackboard Ally to help our customers in the education sector improve accessibility and inclusion for students. 

We know that enhancing access to course content is a growing concern for institutions around the world as they focus on improving learning outcomes for everyone regardless of their learning needs or choices. Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on making digital course content more accessible for all learners. It integrates with an institution's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and automatically runs course materials through an accessibility checklist that looks for common accessibility issues. Blackboard Ally generates a range of alternative formats for the instructor's original content including Semantic HTML, audio, ePub, electronic Braille and various translated versions. It also provides educators with guidance for improving accessibility of their course materials and reports on the current state of content accessibility at both the course and institutional level. 

Clare McSheaffrey, Head of Marketing and Events at CoSector – University of London, says: “Blackboard Ally has an impact on the entire student population, offering a variety of alternative ways for students to access course content according to their personal circumstances. It’s not just about those with declared or undeclared disabilities, but about being inclusive and sensitive to the requirements and preferences of all students accessing their course content online.” 

Jeremy Cooper, Vice President Europe at Blackboard also says: “We are really thrilled about this partnership with CoSector – University of London. We are looking forward to working together to bring our accessibility solutions into the hands of teachers and students and help contribute to a more inclusive learning environment.” 

The Bloom team at CoSector – University of London supports over 150 VLEs in educational institutions throughout the UK, and worldwide, for over 12 years and strives to improve the learning experience for students. The Bloom team also offers support, consultation, application development, project work and much more to improve the working environment for academics and administrators. 

Matt Hull, our Digital Services Consultant, comments: “Technology-wise, there really isn’t any other like-for-like solution in the UK at the moment.  All the alternative formats are stored on the Blackboard Ally servers, so there won’t be any additional storage requirements for the institution’s VLE. I think this partnership is a great addition to our Bloom offering.”

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