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Our partners

Overview of our partners

Below you can find an overview of all the digital learning partners we work with and the products and services we offer:

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Janison’s trusted online assessment platform delivers uninterrupted exams and tests using technology that scales to meet demand.

Embrace the future of formative and summative assessment and testing with rich authoring, dependable delivery, streamlined marking, swift results turnaround and deep insights into your assessment process.

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Unlock the power of your data through the IntelliBoard dashboard. Navigate quickly to the focus areas important to your organisation: completion, retention, traffic, revenue, and many more.

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Blackboard's Digital Teaching and Learning Series delivers world-class professional development and certification for higher education professionals in the effective use of digital learning tecnologies.

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Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that integrates seamlessly into the learning management system and focuses on making digital course content more accessible.

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NashTech's expertise ranges from building bespoke software development solutions, mobile applications to data migration to testing, covering all development languages such as .Net, Java, C#, HTML and more. NashTech are able to balance strategic thinking with engineering expertise in disruptive technologies, such as mobile, cloud, and analytics to develop products that meet specific business needs.

The partnership between CoSector and NashTech allows for a customer-focused solution using CoSector's local expertise with offshore cost-effectiveness. The partnership of CoSector's development team and NashTech's offshore team work in tandem to ensure a client's ability to monitor progress from project start through to testing and validation.

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Haplo Repository is a modern open source repository with a flexible architecture that enables your repository to perfectly fit your institution and your research. Taking an innovative approach to established information management principles, Haplo mitigates common pain points and limitations, enabling institutions to do more with their repositories than ever before.

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

CoSector - University of London has satisfied all requirements and has attained competencies in the Microsoft Partner Network Program - Silver Cloud Platform.

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