During the application process and throughout your tenancy you will be asked to provide some personal information for our records. The statement below explains how the University will process this data. You will find data protection referred to in your tenancy agreement.

The University of London Housing Services comes under the umbrella of CoSector, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of London (UoL), a registered Data Controller.

Your Data

In order for us to manage your tenancy we will need to process your personal data as part of your use of our service. The data we will collect from you will include, and is not limited to the following:

  • your personal details for example full name, personal and academic contact details,
  • your out of term address,
  • information about your course of study and institution, 
  • your disability status and/or any other relevant medical condition (where relevant to your housing needs), 
  • your property address with landlord and letting agent details, where relevant,
  • area specific details on a case-by-case basis depending on the service we provide for you (for example, housing advice),
  • originals and/or copies of evidence documentation, as relevant and necessary in order to deliver our services for you
  • financial / payment information 

The University processes the information for the following purposes:

  • Managing your tenancy agreement, including application, termination and disputes
  • Verifying your student status and other relevant information with your University or College
  • To carry out reporting and analysis on our tenants to check and monitor our outcomes
  • Contacting you regarding other University services (you will be able to unsubscribe if you wish)

The University has to have a legal basis for processing your data and relies on the following approach:

  • Collecting the data is necessary for the performance of your contract with us as a tenant
  • Where you access certain optional services we will ask for your consent
  • The University may process your data where necessary for compliance with a legal obligation arising from Housing Act 1988, Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 and Protection from Eviction Act 1977, which are all referred to in the Tenancy Agreement
  • Where you provide health, equality and diversity information we will ask for your explicit consent and use it for statistical purposes in the public interest as part of our duties to monitor equalities information
  • If in a medical emergency where you cannot give consent and we need to provide your data to a doctor or other medical services we will do this in regard to your vital interests
  • If you notify us of disability and any required reasonable adjustments we will process your data for carrying out our obligations in the field of social protection law

Your data will be stored for the duration of your tenancy. After you cease your agreement we will take the following approach:

  • Your tenant file will be retained for 6 years
  • If you have outstanding debts or disputes with University regarding the agreement, we will retain your data as appropriate to recovering the debts or resolving the disputes
  • We will retain other data collected on you for appropriate periods based on risk and necessity

To fulfil our services defined above we will need, where appropriate, to share relevant data with third parties. By signing your tenancy agreement you are authorising CoSector - University of London Housing Services to share data with the following, as appropriate:

  • the college or university you are registered with
  • landlords or letting agents
  • other tenants in your property
  • parents and guardians if a payment or guarantor issue concerns them
  • local authorities
  • debt collection agencies
  • our suppliers (for example, contractors for property maintenance or surveyors)
  • utilities providers
  • auditors and other compliance and regulatory affiliations
  • Universities UK

The University may use an external contractor or 'data processor' to store or manage its data. It will process this data only for purposes specified by the University and will be bound by contract to meeting the University's obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation. Where data is passed outside the EEA, the University will take the relevant steps to ensure there is adequate protection in place.  

Your personal data will not be passed to any other third party without your consent, except where the University is required to do so by law.

You have a number of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation, such as the right of access to your data (the 'Subject Access Right').

For more information please see the University's Data Protection page at the following link:


You can find out more at the University's Data Protection page at the following link: https://london.ac.uk/about-us/how-university-run/policies/data-protection-policy